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Geriatric Orthopedic Surgery Recovery

"GRASP Program"
Geriatric Recovery After Surgery Program

If you believe that the most comfortable environment for recovery from your joint replacement surgery will be your own home, then calling Experts in Home Health Care as soon as a decision is made to schedule surgery will enable us to help you prepare for a successful home recovery. We are committed to helping relieve anxieties about home recovery by helping patients link with the strategies, resources, and equipment to make home recovery a reality whenever possible.

Here's What to Expect On The Road to Recovery With Experts

  • An exclusive "Pathways to Home" Consultation at the hospital bedside and/or by phone prior.
  • Education about individual symptoms and recovery strategies.
  • Treatment for co-existing medical conditions.
  • Active patient participation in treatment plan.
  • Strengthening and balance exercises.
  • Gait training.
  • Instructions on resuming Activities of Daily Living.
  • Bathing Assistance.
  • Energy conservations strategies.
  • Family and caregiver instruction to make functional activities easier to perform.
  • Adaptive equipment (Grabbers, Reachers, tub benches, etc.).
  • Practicing toilet and tub transfers with adaptive equipment.
  • Bladder retraining strategies.
  • Practicing safe cooking and homemaking skills.
  • Strategies for adapting to visual, hearing, and cognitive changes.
  • Emotional support.
  • Social Work Services to connect with community resources.
  • Fall Prevention Strategies.

Don't wait; the sooner you call Experts In Home Health Care, the better the chances of successful home recovery.

Please call: 1-800HOMECARE or 1-800-768-4663 today.
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