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Tips for Discharging Home Successfully

The anticipation of returning home is exciting. If you have been away from home for a while, it is also understandable and natural to be a little worried. Your health care team, including your Experts In Home Health Management Liaison is here to help so that the steps in your pathway towards home will be confident ones. Here are a few tips for a smooth pathway home:

Understand your discharge instructions

Has the physician or the nurse reviewed with you, your recommendations for care and recovery at home? Do you have a list of new diagnosis, treatments, and medications to take with you? Who would be the correct person to call if you need to clarify care instructions or have questions about the way you are feeling when you get home? How long should you expect to have pain, etc.? When should you follow up with the doctor?

Do you have transportation for your trip home?

Will a family member or friend bring you home or has the discharge planner arranged an ambulance or wheelchair van for the trip home? Do you have clean, comfortable clothing available for the ride home? What is check out time?

Have prescriptions been called in to the pharmacy?

When you are anxious to get comfortable in your own home, a wait for prescriptions, at the pharmacy can seem like a lifetime. Some pharmacies will deliver prescriptions to your door. Have you asked if the pharmacy can deliver? Is a family member or friend able to pick up prescriptions for you? The next best thing is to have the prescriptions ready and waiting for pick up when you arrive. Have they been called in ahead of time?

Has your doctor ordered home health care services?

Home Health Care can provide the medical support and rehabilitation you need for a smooth pathway back to health. If home health care is needed, call1-800-HOMECARE. The intake staff at Experts in Home Health Management will be very pleased to clarify any questions about coverage and services. Medicare and many other insurances will pay for medically necessary skilled services.

Has medical equipment been ordered?

If all needed equipment has been ordered, do you know when to expect delivery? If you feel a wheelchair, walker, or other equipment would be helpful during your recovery, your Experts in Home Health Management Liaison would be very pleased to coordinate delivery for you, or, please feel free to call House of Medical Equipment, toll free, to discuss any questions or requests regarding medical equipment at 866-558-5298.

Have you arranged for someone to stay with you, for at least your first night at home?

Family and friends are great. If you need additional support please feel free to contact Experts in Home Health Management at 1-800-HOMECARE. They can assist with meal preparation, light house keeping, grocery shopping, transportation to appointments, medication set ups or other services as requested.

Is there food in the house?

Proper nourishment is very important to your recovery. Please be sure someone has picked up some groceries, and perhaps assisted in clearing old foods from the refrigerator.

If you are not yet mobile, have you arranged a comfortable and accessible area for resting?

Do you have books, the remote control, water, toiletries, etc. within your reach?

Please ask your doctor or discharge planner for Experts in Home Health Management, Inc. Call1-800-HOMECARE, because not all home health care agencies are alike.

Please ask your doctor or discharge planner for Experts in Home Health Management, Inc. Call1-800-HOMECARE, because not all home health care agencies are alike.

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