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Joint Health Therapy

Are you putting up with pain in your knees, hips, ankles, hands, or shoulders? Experts in Home Health Management, Inc.'s Joint Health Therapy Program has been designed for people who are coping with pain but hoping to delay the need for joint replacement surgery.

Therapeutic exercise and diet are two keys to managing the conditions associated with joint pain. If you are looking for a conservative treatment option, our Joint Health Therapy Program may be for you.

  • Our rehabilitative Physical Therapy exercise program helps strengthen the muscles that support the joints, reduce pain, and improve or restore mobility to get you moving around more efficiently.
  • Our Occupational Therapy Program helps strategize ways to perform necessary daily activities without additional unnecessary wear and tear on the affected joints. Additionally, there are a wide variety of tools and devices available that can aid in managing daily activities. Our therapists will help you obtain the right equipment.
  • Weight reduction and other dietary contributors often play a role in joint health. Our dieticians are available to provide a "joint health" nutrition consultation.
  • Patients exhibiting chronic pain often experience symptoms of depression. Emotional health is a major contributor to all aspects of your overall health and well being. If sadness associated with pain interferes with your treatment or your daily activities, our Social Work team is ready to listen.

If joint pain is interfering with your mobility, and causing you to withdraw from outside activities, this program was designed for you.
Please call 1-800-HOMECARE or 1-800-768-4663 to give our in home "Joint Health Therapy Program" a try.

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